SEO Basics: Pro Tips Every Beginner Needs

Did you just start your online marketing strategy in Hong Kong? You may want to include SEO in your To-Do list. Here are some of the pro tips for beginners,which some of the SEO companies would also recommend.

Check user experience.

Successful SEO services in Hong Kong typically include improved user experience with your website. To ensure better user experience,remove anything that slows your website and make sure your website is accessible in any device. Refrain from using overly intrusive ads on your webpages and incorporating too many keywords on your articles.

Formatting is for search engines,content is for humans.

SEO blogger Neil Patel believes that formatting in terms of content is the “old SEO” mindset and advocates for “new SEO” mindset. New SEO mindset means prioritizing content for humans,as they are the ones who can really drive real engagement. Page visitors are your potential leads,after all. Search engine spiders are simply there to make sure you are ranking without using deceptive methods. An example of new SEO mindset requires exploring on using long-tail keywords.

Link to other website with relevant content.

Copyblogger Media founder Brian White believes that linking to other sites is critical to growth. Many seem to agree to this belief,as white hat SEO services usually include linking to other websites with relevant content. This is one of the ways to enrich your content by making it more relevant and giving your page visitors an opportunity to do further reading on the same topic.

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- August 8, 2020

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